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A multi-faceted team breathed life into the Fade to Blank experience. Graphic designer Maria Breston lent her visual acumen to the layout. Developer Matthew Coyne erected the digital framework. Community moderator Melissa Roman made sure the voice of the family caregiver was heard. Marketing director Christina Hardy coordinated awareness and outreach efforts. Editor in chief Anne-Marie Botek collected the individual accounts and composed the narrative. President of Joe Buckheit charted the course for creating a pioneering addition to the Alzheimer’s rhetoric.

The section, Walking With a Loved One, was made possible by thousands of questions and comments made by family caregivers on the community forum.

A very special thank you to David and Marja Hilfiker, Rick and Phyllis June Phelps and Michele DeSocio—the five inspirational men and women who selflessly agreed to tell their unfiltered stories of Alzheimer’s.

Expert commentary and custom-made graphics depicting the disease process were provided by the Cleveland Clinic (via Dr. Jagan Pillai and medical illustrator, Mark Sabo). Professional videographers Larry Engel (Filmingmad LLC) and Daniel Vargas captured footage of caregivers and their loved ones with Alzheimer’s. The information on Alzheimer’s service dogs came courtesy of Bob Taylor or Additional insight also provide by Memory People.